‘Tropic Thunder’ Premiere Brings Out the Boys

The Tropic Thunder premiere in Westwood featured a star-studded red carpet as impressive as those who attended the premiere of competing summer comedy Pineapple Express. The film’s stars Jack Black, Ben Stiller and Robert Downey Jr. all showed for the event. Hollywood power couple Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes also lent their support to Thunder mania, but were conspicuously out of town for Scientology’s recent annual gala.

Tom has a recurring bit part in the film about a group of self-absorbed actors who unwittingly find themselves struggling to survive in the middle of a real-life war. Wife Katie took a break from her rigorous Broadway rehearsal schedule and jeans-rolling activities to stand by her hubby.

Jodie Foster flashed a wan smile on the red carpet, possibly already exhausted by Jack Black’s antics. A bearded Tobey Maguire looked much happier than the last time the paparazzi flashed their bulbs at him.

And Matthew McConaughey looks like he just happened to be chillin’ when he stumbled upon the event and thought, “Hey this looks cool. Maybe these guys have some weed.”