Vanessa Hudgens on the Wrong End of a Lawsuit

Zac Efron’s new roommate Vanessa Hudgens is being sued by a former producer, according to People.

Johnny Veira filed papers today in Los Angeles court demanding $5 million from Vanessa, along with punitive damages.

Veira claims that he and Hudgens worked together to create her stardom, and had agreed to  “share equally” all the loot she would score as a tween queen.

But, as soon as she hit it big, Veira claims Hudgens gave him the heave-ho. And still owed him $5 million.

Apparently he’s looking for interest on that loan. Maybe best boyfriend Zac can pony up the cash?

Veira’s suit claims a photo that Vanessa gave him signed “Johnny, thank you for everything, without you, I would be nowhere, we will make it BIG—Vanessa Hudgens” as proof.

This is the worst thing to happen to her since that OfficeMax thing.