Adam Levine’s Girlfriend: Famous by Association

Despite recent chatter that he’s been hooking up with Australian sexpot Sophie Monk, Maroon 5 singer and People’s Hottest Bachelor runner-up Adam Levine was spotted in New York Monday, with his girlfriend Rebecca Ginos.

A cocktail waitress at Los Angeles nightclub Teddy’s when the two met, Gina might not be the most high-profile hunk of arm candy in the world. She makes up for it in other ways. Adam once explained to Howard Stern: “We had sex the first time we met. [She’s] the hottest girl in the entire f*cking universe.”

It sure is nice of Adam Levine to dip into the service-industry end of the dating pool to elevate the next Sarah Larson. The world looks forward to the eventual break-up, the ensuing meltdown and, at some point shortly thereafter, finding out which topless supermodel Levine will ogle to ease his broken heart.

Everyone’s a winner!