America’s Next Top Model: The New Batch!

The CW and Tyra Banks have revealed the competitors for Cycle 11 of America’s Next Top Model (the Acid Queen season).

This season’s glamour grouping includes the obligatory students (one from France!), a go-go dancer from Hawaii, a girl from the Ukraine, and a formerly homeless girl who worked as back-up in the first photoshoot from the last cycle.

What—no autistic girls, blind girls, twins or out lesbians? You know one of these girls has some sort of secret that’s going to be spilled.

It wouldn’t be ANTM if one of the contestants didn’t have an obstacle to overcome and have to listen to Tyra speechify about her own difficulties when it comes to forehead size and fat behind.

Tyra’s lectures can lead to some serious drinking. Even when you’re the winner.

Hopefully these girls won’t end up like former contestant Bianca Golden. She got pinched for punching a shorter, wider musical star in the head in an airport lounge. That’s not glamorous.