David Hasselhoff Wants You in His HoffSpace

Step right up the Hoffmobile and let David Hasselhoff give you the ultimate experience in pleasure—getting your picture taken with him!

Hasselhoff parked his Audi R8 in a shopping center so all of Malibu could read the three bumper stickers displaying his official website’s address. Then he let fans snap pics with him and yukked it up with the paps.

So that’s what Balthazar Getty was distracted by the other day! Way to get ‘em with the marketing, Hoff!

In a video posted at TMZ.com, the former Baywatch himbo dubs his Internet paradise “HoffSpace.”

It’s a place where people can “come together and get a conversation started over me,” says The Hoff. Wow! There’s no need to ever leave the house again!