Lindsay Lohan Still Pap-ular

Poor Lindsay Lohan. Despite her most awkward efforts, the DJ lover and sometimes actress just can’t seem to ditch those pesky paparazzi.

LiLo was out shopping on Robertson Boulevard in Beverly Hills Tuesday, when once again she found herself engulfed by a horde of rabid shutterbugs.

Is there no sanctuary for this woman? She can’t even duck out for a low-key excursion to Robertson Boulevard without being hounded? Who ever heard of paparazzi hanging out on Robertson? It’s virtually inconceivable.

Even so, Lindsay couldn’t have been pursued too heavily. She managed to change outfits mid-outing without giving the paps yet another look at her intimate parts.  

If Lindsay really wants to go incognito, she should disguise herself as Shannen Doherty. Because that girl seems to avoid being recognized pretty successfully.