Michael Phelps Is the Greatest Olympian of all Time.

Amphibian Michael Phelps continued to blaze an Olympic trail of glory yesterday, smashing two more world records and winning two more gold medals.

This brings his Summer Olympics medal total to eleven.

The announcer at the National Aquatics Center referred to him as “arguably the greatest Olympian of all time.” That’s some title!

Phelps won medals in the 200 meter relay and the 800 freestyle relay.

“It’s everything I ever dreamed about,” Phelps said. “On the podium, I kept tearing [up] at it. It’s the best thing having four American guys … swim all well together.”

This is Phelps’ fourth and fifth wins in Beijing. The record for the most golds in a single Olympics belongs to Mark Spitz. Who better watch his ass!