Rihanna and Chris Brown: Friendlier Than Ever!

Show-biz’s second-cagiest couple, Rihanna and Chris Brown, brought their strictly platonic relationship to new heights while visiting Rihanna’s homeland of Barbados this week, frolicking in the waves and enjoying a little hands-on action, reports the Daily Mail.

The non-lovers clowned around on wave-runners and floated tranquilly on an inflatable cushion. Brown gave Rihanna’s bikini-clad rump a playful and strictly friendly pat at one point, solidifying their status as solid buddies.

When reminded of the paparazzi’s presence during this romp, Brown’s casual acquaintance and occasional groomer shrugged, “We are very good friends…People think they know. They try to guess.”

You tell them, Rihanna! The level of baseless speculation and rumor-mongering in this modern age is sickening. Don’t let it ruin a good friendship.