Salma Hayek, Irony Maiden

Just when it looked like the reality-TV herd was starting to thin itself out, those programming wizards have come up with a new idea that stretches the genre’s seemingly bottomless standards.

OK! Magazine reports that Salma Hayek is developing an hour-long reality show for Merv Griffin Entertainment about getting married.

That’s Salma Hayek who just called off her multi-million dollar wedding to Francois-Henri Pinault, French billionaire and father to her daughter, Valentina Paloma. Doing a reality show. About getting married.

Merv Griffin Entertainment exec Roy Bank says, “It’s not contrived. It’s a unique storytelling angle on weddings.”

A reality show about maintaining the perfect marriage that starred Alan Panettiere would be unique, too.

Oh well; any 41-year-old woman who looks like this shortly after having a baby is qualified to host a show about anything.