The Cheetah Girls: Anything but Spotty

Say what you will about Disney pop sensations the Cheetah Girls; they’re nothing if not versatile.

The Cheets—individually known as Adrienne Bailon, Kiely Williams and Sabrina Ryan—looked smashing for the premiere of the Disney Channel movie The Cheetah Girls: One World at Hollywood’s El Capitan theater Tusday night.

Decked out in Versace, Alexander McQueen and Robert Cavalli duds, the “Fuego” songbirds dazzled the paps and audience members, ushering forth a new era of Cheetah-liciousness.

But the gals know how to rough it, too. Bailon—who’s engaged to Robert Kardashian Jr.—spent the weekend camping at a remote site with the Keeping Up crew and her own family.

As Khloe Kardashian describes the excursion on her blog, it was “three days with no showers” and camping under the stars in tents and an RV. What the weekend lacked in amenities was made up for with fishing and family bonding in the great outdoors. (Read Kim’s account of the Kardashian/Bailon summit here.)

Hopefully Adrienne got a chance to wash up before slipping into that Cavalli number.