Trend Spotting With Kim Kardashian: Bangles Baby!

I have recently blogged about how absolutely obsessed I am with bangle bracelets this summer—and I’m sure I will be wearing them well into the fall. There is no limit to the variety of styles available including versions with organic shapes, a multitude of color schemes, and notes taken from Mother Nature. Take a look at the trends and designers I have pinpointed in this column, discover how to get the look for less, and don’t forget to flip through these photos of me and other celebrities who are wearing these fun accessories!

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Rocking Your Bangles
If your bracelets aren’t clanking around, you might reconsider and add more! Layering metallic bangles—especially gold ones—is a really popular way to wear this look and makes a statement that you’re not afraid of showing off your wrist bling. I have seen stylish celebrities such as Brooke Shields, Natalie Imbruglia and Solange Knowles sporting glittering wrist wear.

But don’t limit yourself to just metallics! Play around with primary colors, fluorescents, and black-and-white motifs. Try bold designs, square shapes, and spheres, thin and thick—there is virtually no rule here to break. I am always mixing and matching several bracelets so they all play off one another and add visual interest to my outfits. The sky is the limit when it comes to rocking your bangles!

Kim Pick
The ladies in my family and I can’t stop wearing items from jewelry designer Lia Sophia! The company’s latest line is vibrant, beachy, geometric and reminiscent of the mod London fashion scene of the ‘60s.  I have many items from them and love the designs so much that I’m giving away some new accessories I have never even worn! 

One to Watch
Los Angeles native CC Skye has come out with a bright and compelling line of jewelry that includes a bunch of beautiful bangles that call on Mother Nature as a muse. She traveled all the way to Nepal to gain inspiration for the line and I’m glad she did. I just adore her accessories!

Adorn Yourself for Less
Because I like to give balanced options to my customers at DASH, I always have my eye on ways you can get designer looks without paying Saks Fifth Avenue prices. Here are some great and affordable ways to wear the bangle trend:

  • Claire’s offers shell bangle bracelet sets for $9.99.
  • Express offers two different sets of silver bangles for under $15 each.


Flip through my photo gallery to see the various ways you can wear these interchangeable looks!  And don’t forget to enter to win one of my favorite designs!



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