Audrina Patridge: ‘Unscripted’ to Scripted

Celebuzz fan Audrina Patridge has announced that she’s scored a role on a new Jerry O’Connell sitcom on Fox.

“The show is called Do Not Disturb, and Jerry O’Connell is the star. It takes place in New York City at a swanky hotel.  But, behind the scenes, there is a major struggle for power between the manager Neal (O’Connell) and the human resources manager Rhonda (Niecy Nash),” Aud exclaimed on her website.

Patridge says she shoots her scenes this week, and she plays a guest checking into the hotel.

Will she bring Chuy?

She might need new digs, seeing as there’s a rumor that Lauren Conrad tried to kick her out of the guesthouse.

Audrina mentioned how “hysterical” she thinks O’Connell is.

Did she see his last few sitcoms?