Denise Richards: It's Desperate

Denise Richards: It's Desperate-photo

Hey, look; it's Denise Richards on the set of the upcoming Bollywood film Kambakth Ishq! And boy, she looks thrilled to be there!

Sure, going Bollywood might be the latest cool thing in show-biz circles. But Denise probably took the gig for reasons other than trendiness.

With her reality-TV show Denise Richards: It's Complicated hanging by a catty little thread, the perpetual thorn in Charlie Sheen's side needs a new source of income. If she has to travel to the other side of the world because American audiences find her loathsome, so be it—those much-needed therapy sessions don't come cheap.

Set for a December 5 release date, the Sabir Khan-directed Kambakth Ishq (pronounced just liked it's spelled) is a romantic comedy about a lovelorn Indian stuntman. The film will also feature Sylvester Stallone and, if history is any indication, lots of singing and dancing at unexpected moments.



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  • rose

    Charlie Sheen doesn't pretend to be anything than himself. He even makes fun of himself on his sitcom. Denise Richards knew all about him when they hooked up. He was an easy target and she played him well. She's disgusting using her children on her show and crying over her dead mother. Her crap about being a single mother raising two small children. Give me a break! She lives in a four million dollar home and has the best of everything. As usual, just another pretty woman using her looks as a weapon. I've been a single mom raising two kids for 13 years, working 2 jobs, at times and that includes waiting tables. Charlie, take her to court, I think you could win!! You are the primary parent and have an extended family who don't seek the limelight. Denise, quit whining and get a job!!

  • supernetuser

    She doesn't deserve much sympathy for what she is doing to her ex-husband on Reality Tv. She makes Reality TV look as disgusting as it can get. Throw intelligence out the window why doesn't she?

  • hispanicatthedisco

    Poor girl, she'll be reduced to doing Massengil commercials next.