Hulk Hogan Must Pay

A judge has ruled that Hulk Hogan must pay ex-wife Linda $40,000 a month in alimony payments for the time being.

Hulk never experienced a body slam like that in the ring.

The Hogan family has hit upon hard times. Parents split up, son Nick in jail, daughter Brooke looking a little…trannie-licious.

Despite claiming he misses his pedophile wife, that ruling must make him a little sore.

Their combined assets are temporarily off-limits, but he is allowed to withdraw up to $400,000 to pay his lawyers.

The divorce court judge also ruled that Linda will retain their Bel Air estate, and Hulk must pay for all of the utilities.

There is nothing so painful as paying for the electricity and heating which will allow your ex-wife to romance her 19-year-old lover in comfortable, palatial surroundings.

Does he also have to pay for political think tank Brooke to complete her sex change?