Madonna: Still Without Mercy

Sorry, celebrity-kid obsessives; Madonna’s rep insists that earlier claims that Madge would be adopting a three-year-old Malawian girl named Mercy James are just not true.

“Madonna has not made an attempt to adopt this baby earlier this year or now,” Material Publicist Liz Rosenberg tells Us Magazine. “There is no truth to this rumor. It’s an old one—wasn’t true then or now.”

Speaking of old rumors, Rosenberg also adamantly denied that her client was in the process of adopting Malawian child David Banda in 2006, and everyone can see how accurate that turned out to be.

Never mind that previous little fib. And the fact that Malawi’s adoption minister, Penstone Kilembe, says “the adoption is now advanced.” If Liz Rosenberg doesn’t have a face you can trust, who does?

Still, for Mercy’s sake, let’s hope Liz is right this time. Must another small child to wake up to this every day? No matter what strife is occurring in Malawi at the moment, it pales in comparison to the circus that Madonna’s life has become.