Morning Frills #29: ‘Near Forty, Still Sporty’ Edition

Oh, Helena Christensen, what a wicked game you play.

In 1991 you washed up into America’s hearts, rolling around the surf with yodeling beefcake Chris Isaak on MTV.

And now, 17 years later, at the age of 39, you still make a pretty nice splash on the beach.

Here you are, hanging out with Bono’s wife Ali Hewson in Eze, France. Men and women alike wonder what your secret is. How do you manage to defy gravity and the ravages of time, from top to bottom, coming and going?

Perhaps the secret lies in her eating habits.

“There’ve been times when I’ve bought a whole pound of cheese and walked down the street and eaten it in one go,” the Danish beauty has confessed. “I think it’s incredibly sensual.

As is the gallery to the right.