Pam Anderson: A Good Fit for a King?

Pam Anderson may be a Girl on the Loose on her reality-TV show, but according to E! Online, she currently has a romantic attachment—to a member of Abu Dhabi’s royal family.

According to E!’s moles, Pammy was seen out with the mystery man at West Hollywood gay bar the Abbey over the weekend, and he’s “very handsome.” And, presumably, very rich.

The source says Pam generally refers to him by the pet name of Milk-Sheik, or Milk for short.

The former Baywatch swimsuit-wearer met her new beau during a June visit to Abu Dhabi with the Make a Wish Foundation. Since then, the sex-tape star and animal-rights activist has made plans to build an eco-friendly, vegan-accessible hotel in the region.

Nice to see Pam making the move up to real royalty, as opposed to the royal dirtbags she usually hooks up with.