Robert Downey Jr. Visits BET, Not Lynched

Robert Downey Jr. Visits BET, Not Lynched-photo

For his Tropic Thunder portrayal of an Oscar-winning Australian actor (Kirk Lazarus) who takes on the role of a black soldier (Lincoln Osirus), Robert Downey Jr. adopted a deep baritone and wore extensive hair and make-up. He ended up looking like Sammy Davis Jr., if Sammy wasn't Jewish.

The thrust of the joke, as explained by Downey Jr., is "the idea of actors making wrong-headed moves to try to be taken seriously."

It doesn't seem as if his gag has done much harm to race relations. The Iron Man actor received a warm welcome when he visited BET and gave autographs to fans.

However, Tropic Thunder has been plagued with protests over the film's use of the term retard. It's still a hell of a lot less offensive than watching this idiot masquerade as a college student.


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  • GineRae

    He's a great actor and the entire movie is a spoof on many character types and the actors playing them. As an intelligent black person I can say he made me laugh my @$$ off. He wasn't going to be "lynched." Your analogy is a little off anyway. Blacks get lynched, not whites like this guy. Besides, if u wanted to call someone out on cross-racial acting, please do away with the Wayans brothers ever pretending to be white chicks or Dave Chapelle playing a white guy. Or maybe it doesn't count or cause as much scandal when black people do it.


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