America Dominates Women’s Gymnastics

U-S-A! U-S-A!

In a performance harkening back to Mary Lou Retton’s stunning 1984 Olympic victory, American gymnasts Anastasia “Nastia” Liukin and Shawn Johnson took home the gold and silver, respectively, in the all-around finals for women’s gymnastics at the  2008 Olympic games in Beijing Friday morning.

Coming in third was China’s Yang Yilin.

Liukin, 18, who was born in Moscow but resides in Parker, Texas, wowed judges and audience alike with her superior skills and hot-pink leotard. Johnson, 16, finished 6/10s of a point behind Liukin. But what she lacked on the gym floor, she made up for with graciousness.

“Going into this, we knew that there could be only one champion,” Johnson said. “We’re very lucky to both say that we won a medal for our country.”