Amy Winehouse Is a Raucous Role Model

Folks, it’s been over two weeks since the last Amy Winehouse sighting. Honestly, you knew the wildcat would pick the lock to its cage and escape at some point.

Last night the part-time singer/full-time brawler terrorized the Camden area of London. She dragged her goddaughter, Dionne, along for the mayhem, because that’s just how Amy rolls.

The Sun notes that as Winehouse was quietly mentoring her young charge with important life lessons, a middle-aged woman apparently “concerned for [Amy’s] health” approached her.

“But Amy lashed out at the middle-aged woman—giving her a hard slap and screaming: ‘Let f***ing go of me, d***head.’ As she walked away, Amy carried on shouting at her victim, calling her a ‘f***ing bitch’.”

Did you jot all that down on your pad, Dionne? There’s to be a pop quiz, you know!