Fashion Showdown: Katie Holmes vs. Demi Lovato

Disney denizen and Jonas Brother friend Demi Lovato greeted fans outside her hotel room in a familiar outfit and hairdo. Demi look is suspiciously like a certain famous Scientology Stepford Wife’s Broadway rehearsal uniform.

Whatever happened to Hollywood glamour?

Nowadays the stars just pull on some leggings (or skinny jeans), pick up a baggy top from the floor, eschew their bra (not Demi, this is Disney), cut their hair with a Flowbee and they’re RTG.

At least Katie Holmes has an excuse. She’s away from her husband for the first time since Xenu joined them in intergalactic matrimony. She’s enjoying herself and not caring a whit about her appearance.

Demi might still be a child. That doesn’t mean she should skimp on style. Glam it up, girl!

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