Lindsay Lohan: Rotten-Drunk at Apple Bash?

Now here’s a recipe for trouble:

Take one part Lindsay Lohan, one part Calum Best, and one part surly gay DJ. Add copious amounts of alcohol and mix vigorously.

Apple Lounge had its grand opening in West Hollywood Thursday night.

Of course Lindsay was there, along with constant companion, Samantha Ronson.  Also in attendance: Former Lohan beau Calum Best, who’s been in Los Angeles filming a reality show about trying to stay chaste in the face of constant temptation. Lohan has allegedly been looking to hook up ever since he hit town.

Was a sloshed, phallus-deprived Lindsay Lohan enough to break Calum’s resolve? Sam certainly didn’t look too happy as her lady-love reeled her way through the night.

Better watch out, Calum; Sam’s really been pumping up lately, and she doesn’t seem like the type who’d have reservations about hitting a guy.

Check out video of LiLo and Sam’s Apple appearance below:

Oh well; hopefully Sam found something else to do while Lindsay caught up with her ex.