Miller’s Mom: “Leave Sienna Alone!”

Come on, Sienna Miller. You’re obviously a grown woman.

So why are you running away crying and having your mommy fight your battles for you?

According to Us Magazine, Sienna’s mother, Jo Miller, has had quite enough of the media picking on her little girl because she’s a homewrecker who can’t keep her shirt on and sexually preys on married men.

Throwing her two cents into her daughter’s headline-grabbing relationship with Balthazar Getty, Jo pooh-poohs the “feeding frenzy” surrounding the couple. “You can’t understand how a woman seeing a man who has been separated from his wife for months can cause such a scandal,” Jo says.

Maybe you can’t figure it out, Jo, but some people don’t seem to have trouble grasping the concept.

“It’s awful,” Jo adds. “You wonder when it’s all going to stop.”

Wow, with solid moral guide like Jo in her life, it’s amazing that Sienna turned out to be a whiny, entitled little shrew.