Winner Vs. Loser: Demi Lovato Defeats Jen Aniston

We’ve been hearing Demi Lovato’s name in the news more and more these days. She’s Selena Gomez’s BFF and she’s got a serious singing voice that can rival Miley Cyrusjam any day of the week. Let’s see why this week was lovin’ Miss Lovato: 

  • She performed on Good Morning America like a pro…and looked super fierce
  • 4:30 am. Tons of screaming fans. Demi happily signs their autographs. Now that’s fan appreciation. 
  • Demi and Selena have the Jonas Brothers on their side. What will Miley do
So Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer have been dating for an astonishing four months and people actually thought they were going to have a kid or get married. C’mon, people! Did you really think John was for real
  • Earlier this week, reports of John kissing another chickColbie Caillat to be exact—had all signs pointing toward breakup-ville
  • This was after Jen went out and bought new lips. Aww… poor thing!
  • On Wednesday an inside source spilled the beans about the breakup. The question of who kicked who to the curb is still up for debate