Happy 50th to Madonna!

Madonna may be 50, but she still looks pretty damn fine. Well, sometimes.

This year was full of ups and downs for the material girl. She was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in March, her baby adoption was finalized, and she released a new hit album, Hard Candy. She also wrote and produced a documentary, but who wants to hear about that when her own life is so juicy.

This summer’s been out of control for Madonna. Her marriage with Guy Ritchie may or may not be ending, she probably hooked up with Alex Rodriguez, she looks downright exhausted, and her ankle’s busted up, right in time for her tour!

Who knows if her friends will even show up to support her…well, A-Rod will definetly show up. That one’s a given.

Her own brother wrote a tell-all about her most sacred secrets. Her own brother!

If anyone can get through such a tough year, Madonna is the one for the job.

Madonna and Britney! Is anyone else dying for them to make out again?