How to Live Like…Chace Crawford

Chace Crawford, in less than a year, has gone from no-name actor to heart-stopping hottie.  Since the launch of his scandalous tv show, Gossip Girl, the stud’s career jolted toward stardom. It doesn’t look like he’ll be slowing down any time soon. 

How is it that he makes it onto the gossip blogs on a daily basis since the only drama in Chace’s life happens on the set?  The answer is simple; he’s easy on the eyes.  But there’s more to Chace’s success than just looking pretty.  Celebuzz digs up the dish on how to live like Chace!


The man is eye-candy by nature. He would still be sexy if he turned tranny.  Not only is he gorgeous, but he’s incredibly modest as well, which only adds to his appeal.  It seems as though he’s just one of those guys who has no idea how incredibly good-looking he is, although that’s slightly hard to believe if he’s ever glanced in a mirror.


Being in a racy show like Gossip Girl, the pressure is constantly on to look good topless, hence Chace frequents the gym in his spare time.  He also works up a good sweat playing jogging enthusiast Nate Archibald on the show.


It’s hard to believe from the look of Chace’s bod but he happens to be a big fan of pizza and fast food.  While he does try to keep his diet somewhat balanced, he can’t help indulging in his fast food of choice; McDonalds.


For someone who can venture anywhere he wants on the club and party circuit, Chace often opts for the low-key lifestyle, staying in with his roomie (and boyfriend?), Ed Westwick, and watching sports or playing video games.  Another Chace favorite is catching a concert in Central Park (also with his roomie/boyfriend?).  Who’s to say if this will remain the case for much longer; what’s the standard rate of celebrity ego enlargement?