Sienna Miller: A Look at Her Questionable Fame

Take a moment to reflect on Sienna Miller’s long and successful career as a celebrity. It’s hard to forget all of those moving performances in a variety of blockbuster hits.  Blockbuster as in the exact opposite of blockbuster!

In reality, Sienna is mostly famous for her love life.

Who even knew who Sienna Miller was before she got engaged to, and cheated on by Jude Law?  Next came the film Casanova (if anyone even saw that), and then Factory Girl (was that even in theatres?), and then Rhys Ifans, and you all know how that relationship ended.

Wait, didn’t she almost break up Sean Penn’s marriage too?

So now, an endless amount of nip-slips later, still basking in the after-shock of the Sienna/Balthazar Getty scandal; take a moment and wonder why it is you even know her name in the first place.