Lindsay Lohan: Almost Over Being Gay?

Holy L word! Is Samantha Ronson on the fast train to Heartbreak Hotel?

Pals of Sam and Lindsay Lohan have branded LiLo a faux-mosexual, according to OK! magazine. They claim she’ll eventually dump the girl-loving DJ for a man.

Trouble reared its head on the lady pals’ trip to Miami two weeks ago. First, they were spotted arguing. Then Lindsay was seen flirting in broad daylight with boys at Sam’s 31st birthday party.

“Lindsay is the aggressive one in the relationship,” says a source. “Sam tries to focus on Lindsay, but it’s never enough.”

Another pal says, “Lindsay has to be the center of attention, or she’ll flirt with other guys to make Sam jealous.”

Just Thursday night Linds was sloshed and mingling at a party attended by her ex Calum Best. Sam was in tow, looking none-too-amused.

On a final grim note, the couple’s mutual friend says Lindsay will “be with the next guy who catches her eye—she can’t help it!”

Oh, girl. This love match isn’t gonna end well for poor Samantha.