Michael Phelps Has Run Out of Records to Break

Michael Phelps is now the only person in history to have won eight gold medals in a single Olympics.

Phelps broke the previous record held by Mark Spitz when he won the 4×100 swimming relay in Beijing on Sunday.

Olympic hero Phelps credits his team for the victory.

“These guys made it possible,” he said upon leaving the pool. “I literally wanted to do something that no one’s ever done before in this sport. Without the help of my teammates it wouldn’t have been possible.”

“I don’t even know what to feel right now—so many emotions. I guess I kind of just want to see my mom,” Phelps said to People.

He did get a chance to embrace his proud mom Debbie in the stands.

Phelps has 16 Olympic medals, and 14 of them are gold. Which is a record in itself.

Kind of makes winning the sixth grade spelling bee look kind of average now, doesn’t it?