Rachel Bilson Somehow Maintains Her Fame

You don’t have to be an O.C. fan to love Rachel Bilson; she’s cute, well-dressed, and has yet to add DUI to her list of accomplishments. What’s not to love?  But those factors alone can’t keep a celeb afloat in the cut-throat world of stardom.  What exactly has little Rachie been doing to keep her fame in tact?

Rachel’s recent endeavors include the film Jumper, with current beau Hayden Christiansen. She just finished production on New York, I Love You. And somehow she found time in her busy movie-making schedule to pick up the title of designer.

RB is clearly putting in the effort to hold onto that celebrity status. But she needs to try just a bit harder. Jumper scored big, but Rachel still risks slipping from the A-list to the B-list (or C-list).

Could Rachel be the next Hollywood has-been to turn desperate reality star?  It’s not out of the question.