The Jonas Brothers Take Buzznet to the Batting Cage

Jumpin’ Jonas!

Just when you thought things could never be more sweet with the Jonas Brothers, Buzznet got to tag along with the warbling siblings as they attended the New York Yankees’ batting practice.

The boys were even filmed as they met Derek Jeter.

With little bro Frankie in tow (who is playfully referred to as the “Bonus Jonas”), Joe, Kevin and Nick dropped several bombshells in their on-camera interview:

*   They listen to Elvis Costello, The Zutons and Demi Lovato on their ipods!

*   Nick wears shoes by Brit designer John Lobb!

*   The three of them chant and pray before going on stage!

*   They’d pick Chris Brown or Britney Spears to beat them at the VMAs.

Here are two of the four exclusive Buzznet videos shot with the Jonas Brothers:

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