Tila Tequila Wanted to Be Ellen DeGeneres’ Flower Girl

Tila Tequila was at the “Hot in Hollywood” event when Us asked her about Ellen DeGeneres and Portia DeRossi’s weekend wedding.

“I thought it was awesome,” she gushed. “I was really excited when I heard about it, and the fact that they are openly out there… they look so happy together.”

Speaking of gay relationships, the (supposedly) bisexual Tequila is currently dating socialite Courtenay Semel.

Semel, daugher of Yahoo! CEO Terry Semel, claims she was Lindsay Lohan’s first lesbian love! Gay love rectangle!

“We met through mutual friends,” explains Tequlia. “She was a fan of my show, and we decided to meet up and just hit it off. With another girl, you never have to worry about how you look in the morning because we both look sh—-y.”

They’ve based a relationship on THAT?