Jennifer Aniston Claims She Was the Dumper

Jennifer Aniston Claims She Was the Dumper-photo

MSNBC is reporting that Jennifer Aniston gave the brush to Batman fan John Mayer and not the other way around.

“Jen will never kiss and tell, but it’s she who ended the relationship,” a source says. “(Mayer's) childish behavior only confirms she was right to dump him. Now he’s acting like a spoiled child. Expect Jen to behave like a lady.”

Mayer recently informed the paparazzi that his decision had ended their five-month-long romance.

Aniston's cheering section gave a variety of reasons why Aniston nixed the tattooed dawg.

“He has a relationship with certain paparazzi [and] bloggers," the source said. “He tips them off. He loves the attention. Jen didn’t want to believe it was happening.” 

The source also says that Mayer was incredibly cheap and was making Aniston pay for everything.

And that Aniston will not be commenting about the end of their romance.

No one likes a boyfriend who is constantly insisting you go Dutch, Johnny.



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  • Mika

    Jennifer is a liar, fraud, and manipulator