Katherine Heigl Blows Smoke With Her Young Fans

Everyone knows that Katherine Heigl’s rarely seen without a cancer stick dangling from her scowling lips. Can she at least put the ciggie down long enough to sign autographs for young fans?

The oft-contentious Grey’s  Anatomy and Knocked Up star displayed a rare flash of humanity Saturday, stopping to sign autographs for a few kids while roaming the streets of Los Angeles with her mother Nancy.

Unfortunately, she could hardly put her smoke down long enough to pick up a pen.

Did the notion of performing a selfless deed for a child rankle Heigl’s nerves so much that she needed the soothing effects of nicotine?

Or is her hatred of her own work so deeply rooted that she subconsciously wishes to sicken anyone who claims to enjoy it?

Who knows? But when a woman’s concern for children’s well-being is on a par with Amy Winehouse’s, it’s time for some serious self-evaluation.