Throwing It all Away: Phil Collins’ Big Bucks Divorce

Apparently all those mind-numbing ballads were good for something after all.

Between the solo career and his time with Genesis, singer and drummer Phil Collins, 57, has amassed a fortune of $280 million.

That’s a good thing, since his divorce from third wife Orianne Cevey, 35, just cost him a $46.76 million payout.

People notes that amount is roughly $2 million more than gold-digging diva Heather Mills mined from her settlement with Sir Paul McCartney earlier this year.

The Phil Collins divorce is the most expensive ever in British history!

But before you go singing “Against All Odds” and feeling sorry for ol’ Phil, keep in mind that his three divorces have cost him a total of $84 million. Has he learned nothing?

Sadly, for some guys, the third time’s just not always a charm.