Dave Matthews Pays Tribute to a Fallen Bandmate

During the Dave Matthews Band’s concert at Los Angeles’ Staples Center last night, Matthews stopped the music to pay tribute to his saxophone player LeRoi Moore, who died yesterday at Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center at the age of 46.

After the concert’s first song, Matthews told the audience, “We all had some bad news today. Our good friend LeRoi Moore passed on and gave his ghost up today, and we will miss him forever.”

Several songs later, in an apparent reference to the grief that Moore’s passing had created, Matthews stated, “It’s easier to leave than to be left.”

LeRoi Moore died unexpectedly due to complications from a June accident involving an all-terrain vehicle. The jazz-trained musician, known for his trademark sunglasses and improvisational playing style, had  been in and out of the hospital since the accident. He had begun a physical rehabilitation program when complications forced him back into the hospital on July 17.