Gary Glitter Is Stuck at the Airport

70s rock star and child molester Gary Glitter (a/k/a Paul Gadd) is currently holed up in an airport in Bangkok after being released from a Vietnamese prison.

Glitter, 64, was in jail for sexually abusing two underage girls to whom he claimed he was teaching English. You may need a shower after reading this post.

Does Kevin Jonas know his wax figure looks like this creep?

The dirty old man, who was busted in Britain in 1999 for having kiddie porn on his computer, was somehow issued a passport to travel the world by Britain’s Home Office while serving time in Vietnam.

So he is currently in some sort of legal stand-off with Thai officials in Bangkok. Without a passport, he would have to immediately fly to Britain. But he has one, and he wants to travel to either Hong Kong or Singapore.

Thai immigration officials are currently trying to get his sleazy ass out of their country and on a plane to Britain, but he won’t budge.

Glitter claims he was “set up” on the Vietnamese child abuse charges, according to the Daily Mail.

All we know is that “Rock N Roll Parts 1 & 2″ has forever been ruined.