Janet Jackson Dresses Ladies Who Want to Be Nasty

What’s taken Janet Jackson so long to join her fellow celebrities on the fashion designer bandwagon? Unlike many “stars” who branch out into various areas of entertainment after failing in one after the other, Ms. Jackson was busy selling albums and touring.

According to Janet, the timing is right for an under garment project. “Lingerie is a passion for me, and just like music and acting, I can’t do it unless I put 100% into it,” the “Feedback” singer told USA Today.

Jackson will be collaborating with Australian designer Bruno Schiavi on the line. Named after her 1987 hit, “Pleasure Principle,” the undies will feature girly designs that combine Chantilly lace, satin and bows with comfort.

It’s also a safe bet that all bras will have plenty of room to accomodate any…ahem, breast decorations ladies might be sporting.