Jennifer Aniston: Long-Distance Home Wrecker?

Apparently, if Jennifer Aniston can’t have a healthy relationship, she won’t let her ex-husband have one either.

In Touch reports that new parents Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have been fighting lately, because Angie “feels that Brad…isn’t spending enough time with her and the kids.”

Is Brad being diverted from his familial duties by his freshly dumped ex-wife, Jennifer Aniston?

According to Star Magazine, after breaking up with musician boyfriend John Mayer earlier this month, Aniston placed an anguished late-night phone call to French compound Chateau Miraval, where Brangelina and their brood have been staying.

The magazine’s source says that Aniston “really needs someone to talk to.” So she rang up her former mother-in-law, Jane Pitt—who’s been staying with Brad and Angie—looking for a sympathetic ear.

But Mother Pitt soon passed the phone over to Brad, who did his best to console the heartbroken Aniston. “At first he didn’t know what to say,” says the mag’s source. “But he listened very intently and tried to comfort her. He was very patient and attentive.”

Perhaps a little too patient and attentive. Better be careful; Angie seems to have a pretty nasty temper on her.