Morning Frills #33: Snorkeling 101 With Kate Beckinsale

Fresh from her brush with up-skirt trauma, Click actress Kate Beckinsale hit the beach in Cabo, Mexico, Monday, with her husband Len Wiseman and her daughter, Lily Mo Sheen.

In the process of grabbing a little family away time, the British beauty also delivered a tutorial on the art of snorkeling.

Bravely grabbing the reins from Len, Kate demonstrated just how important it is to develop proper technique with the breathing tube. And how crucial it is to learn to control one’s air intake.

And, while it probably doesn’t directly affect one’s ability to snorkle, Kate also demonstrated how to look fit in a bikini.

Thanks, Kate! This is all very informative. And, contrary to what your insecurities may tell you, you definitely don’t need a stunt butt.

Click through the gallery on the right for more of Kate’s snorkeling lesson. It’s fun and educational!