Nicole Richie Vs. Mary-Kate Olsen: The Joel Wars

Brawlin’ mom Nicole Richie has a new target: Mary-Kate Olsen.

Last week MK went to see Good Charlotte perform at the Roseland Ballroom in New York City. A source tells Life & Style that Nicole’s boyfriend Joel Madden invited the literary genius back to the tour bus for some hot baby action.

As in baby photos, not making.

“He showed her some baby photos of Harlow. Joel isn’t one to lie or hide things from Nicole, so the next day he told her about it on the phone. Nicole freaked out.”

Gosh, can you imagine? She probably let go of the stroller, sending it careening downhill toward a burrito stand.

“Joel thought she’d respect the fact that he was trying to be honest—after all, he and Mary-Kate are just friends —but Nicole was hurt and angry. He couldn’t deal with it, so he hung up, and she kept texting him after that.”

Get over it, Nicole. Mary-Kate beat the feds. She can certainly have a lippy blonde disappear without a trace with no problem.