Rhys Ifans Wears His Heart on His Face

Welsh actor Rhys Ifans was left angry and bitter from his break-up from professional relationship bungler Sienna Miller. Lucky for him, Kimberly Stewart had been freshly rejected by John Mayer and was available for rebound service.

Then, Rhys decided that losing Sienna might feel better if he went off with two or three Miller lookalikes!

Upon Rhys’ return from his threeway vacation, he was met with initial bitterness from young Kim. But the blonde spawn of Rod Stewart has a forgiving nature after all. That is, she and Rhys were both available.

So, now to express his feelings for Kimberly, Rhys has doodled his face to read, “I heart K.”

Truly, this is a relationship that will endure—for at least as long as it takes for the scribbles to smear off Rhys’ face. Judging by how many showers this guy takes, that could be a while.