Zac Efron’s Walk of Shame

Nice try, Zac Efron. You can run, but you can’t hide!

The High School Musical beefcake—and, for the time being, anyway, Vanessa Hudgens’ live-in boyfriend—was suddenly camera-shy as he hit the gym in Studio City, California, today.

Hmm; why would Zac want to hide a face like this?

Could it have something to do with a recent Bob’s Big Boy rendezvous with a certain someone who was not, in fact, his girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens, but rather High School Musical costar Ashley Tisdale?

Is Zac possibly trying to conceal a tell-tale hickey given to him by the Tizz during that magical night of greasy hamburgers and Vanessa-free bliss?


Fact #1: Ashley Tisdale shares the same birthday with Lindsay Lohan.

Fact #2: Lindsay Lohan has been associated with—that’s right—hickeys.

It’s pretty obvious what’s going on here, people. Just put two and two together.

You’d better start showing some discretion, Zac, or you’ll find yourself wandering around sad and lonely a lot more often.