Courtenay Semel Detained For Battery in Vegas Brawl

According to TMZ, Tila Tequila’s latest gal pal Courtenay Semel took a shot at getting arrested Tuesday night.

Sources in the Las Vegas law enforcement claim Semel got liquored up at Pure nightclub and “smacked” a security guard in the back of the head when she rolled out of the joint.

Hey, now, Courtenay…you’re no Amy Winehouse, you know!

TMZ’s sources then say the girl-on-girl-tastic daughter of Yahoo! CEO Terry Semel was “detained by Caesars Palace security while members of her posse—including Vegas showman Jeff Beacher—waited for cops to arrive.”

Four hours later, the police arrived and issued Semel a citation for battery.

Watch out, Tila. You don’t wanna get clocked upside the head when the honeymoon period with Courtenay goes down the drain like a bottle of Jose Cuervo!