Daniel Radcliffe: Not Wild About ‘Harry’

After stripping off his duds in the live play “Equus,” Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe considered shedding his most famous role,  the actor recently admitted to People.

But in the end, Radcliffe found himself too attached to the character to quit.

“It would have been really hard to see someone else [play Harry Potter],” Radcliffe confesses. “Especially if he was very good—that would kill me!”

At least he’d die a rich man; the wizard-happy film franchise has made the young actor one of the most successful performers on the market, netting him $25 million last year alone. (Not bad for a guy who has trouble tying his own shoes.)

So it was probably more than raw ego that compelled him to sign on for the upcoming Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, which is due out next summer. 

In the meantime, Radcliffe will be raising eyebrows by dropping his duds when “Equus”—and Radcliffe’s much-ballyhooed nude scene—hits Broadway in September.  
That’s one way to free yourself from a suffocating stereotype.