Jerry Seinfeld Goes ‘Soft

Ever notice how some comedians will shill for just about anything? What’s the deal with that?

E! Online reports that Jerry Seinfeld has signed on for a series of television ads for Microsoft, appearing alongside company chairman Bill Gates. Seinfeld will rake in an estimated $10 million for the commercials.

The ad spots are said to be an effort to counteract Microsoft’s stodgy image, after competitor Mac’s ads featuring Justin Long painted the PC company as nerdy and out-of-touch.

Yup, hiring 54-year-old Jerry Seinfeld to court the youth market. What, Bea Arthur wasn’t available?

The Microsoft campaign, which debuts September 4, will feature the slogan “Windows, Not Walls.”

Meanwhile, Seinfeld’s former co-star Michael Richards is said to have signed on to appear in a series of ads for Linens ‘n Things that will feature the slogan “Wardrobe, not Bedding.”