Jessica Simpson Says Carrie Underwood is Deluded

Carrie “Doesn’t Bow Out Gracefully” Underwood incited a public response out of Jessica Simpson when the American Idol winner told Allure that her ex (Jessica’s current beau) Tony Romo still calls her.

In a radio interview with a Nashville radio station, Jessica slammed the claim when she admitted, “I looked at his call log.”

Ha! Clearly, Simpson is more comfortable with being outed as an insecure snoop than allowing the public to believe that her football-playing soul mate could possibly still be hung up on his ex-girlfriend.

Jessica described her initial response to the news by saying, “Tony and I both laughed at that. We got a chuckle out of it.” Most likely, the laughter had to wait until Jessica had a chance to go through Romo’s cell phone and determine that he was in the clear.

Despite Simpson’s awkward attempt at maintaining a cool demeanor about the situation, it might be a useful skill for Carrie to channel her relationship frustrations into her songs instead of causing such a public affair.