Orlando Bloom, Miranda Kerr: Raw Lust at Sushi Bar

Hog-riders Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr are “definitely not broken up,” according to Page Six.

The elvish one and the Victoria’s Secret model were apparently making a spectacle of themselves during dinner at the Lure Fish Bar in NYC the other night, unable to keep their hands off each other.

Hmm; the combination of raw fish and  the couple at the table next to you sloppily making out? That could put a person off of sushi forever, but Kerr-Bloom were savoring the moment, according to witnesses.

“They were pretty hot and heavy, and they were sitting right in the middle of the room. They were definitely into each other,” a source says.

Earlier reports alleged that Miranda might have moved on to greasy layabout Brandon Davis.

Well, if she had, he definitely could have provided the fish oil.