The Veronicas Have Some Bones to Pick

The Veronicas Have Some Bones to Pick-photo

Aussie pop twins The Veronicas need to beef up! Who do they think they are, anyway?

Jessica and Lisa Marie Origliasso, both 23, were in New York to promote their second album Hook Me Up on TRL.

That's right—hook them up with a burger. Or a plate of chili cheese fries. This is America! Eat till you drop, girls, if you wanna fit in.

And what's with this "love sucks" nonsense on those sunglasses, Jess? What the hell do you mean? Love is awesome!

Someone get these chicks a doughnut.



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  • nigget

    haha get a life , jump off your computer on which you live ur life and run on a tread mill you american. ooh and , what do u mean love s awesome, with how fat you sound sounds like no one wud hook up wit u

  • Gloria

    I think they look fine... if they want to be skinny and one of them is bi, i think that is their business!!!!! dont judge them by their cover, when you dont even know them!!!!

  • Jess + Lisa LOVER.
    Jess + Lisa LOVER.

    ASIF someone would write this !!!!!!! have u seen how hot and sexy these girls are ? and so what if jess is bi wot is tht to you bitch ? i bet the person who wrote this has taken some pictures they regret but because jess is famous they obv leaked out is tht HER FAULT? These girls ARE HUMAN let them be. on the other hand you are a fat ass alien with a fat ass greasy burger in ur fat ass tentacle of a hand . pahaa. pathetic. I f*cking LOVE THESE GIRLS.. OBSSESED (L)(L)

  • Ellie

    For the love of God! What's with the hostility?! The one who posted this doesn't seem to like these girls. Jess and Lisa are great singers/songwriters and mind you, I think they are some of the nicest artist around! They value their fans a lot. Their appearances had changed over the years but their hearts didn't. That's why they have captivated the hearts of many people. They may not be as big as the other artists in US but in other parts of the world, they are loved! For those people who despise them for no reason, why don't you try seeing them in live performance. They are great artist and we should just focus on that instead of dwelling on how they look. By the way, they are really petite people. Lisa is only 5'1 and Jess is 5'2. That's how they are. I love them and I'm not even an Aussie!

  • vronfan92

    This is complete bullsh*t, The Veronicas are great just the way that they are, I can guarantee that both of them look ten times better than the people who posted this. Isn't it supposed to be about the music? Who cares about physical appearance. You're screwed if you're fat and you're screwed if you're skinny. Let them be, stuff like this damages people, and I think that The Veronicas are just fine. You guys are the ones with the problem. Not everyone has to be a fatass American.

  • Bri

    "EM STRAEH EHS There are reportedly pictures of Jess, including one where she’s sorta naked. Jess is supposed to be gay or bi or something, meaning she may have taken those to send to another girl, and together they would chase their every desire as they give in to their forbidden passions." actually those pictures were taken with her ex BOYFRIEND Steven Childs who is wait for it.......................................................wait for it A BOY! get your facts straight theyre fine how they are

  • proudaussie

    Just because they arent obese like most of your country (and apparently ours) doesnt mean they are anorexic. jesus. they are tiny people. with a hectic lifestyle and for one of them, a vegetarian almost vegan lifestyle.. leave them alone and focus on the music you shallow people.