‘High School Musical’ Panties Are Dirty Minded

It may all seem like fun and games with the High School Musical flicks.

But a line of HSM panties—with the words “Dive In!” on the crotch—being marketed at seven-year-old girls have proved to be a virtual mouse trap for the studio.

Geez, and here it seemed like Zac Efron stepping out with Ashley Tisdale was a scandal!

New York Magazine points out that the objectionable phrase isn’t visible on the naughty knickers until the packaging is removed, which has caused a frenzy among parents of the tween-and-under set.

“Dive In!” is a reference to a scene in the second HSM film where the characters jump into a swimming pool.

“It was completely innocent,” says a spokesperson for Asda, maker of the Disney-approved underwear.

Yeesh! What marketing genius over there is giving the stamp of approval on this stuff?